Critical Images Photograpy Copyright 2019
Critical Images PhotograpyCopyright 2019




Since 1975, I have used my sense of adventure and altruism to take me to many places. The path that I have chosen to follow has taken me the length of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, to Sudan, the Soviet Union, Brazil, and to various places around the Pacific Northwest. Over this time I made the transition from film to digital photography.

Having been a Physician Assistant since 1974, in January of 1994 I spent two week in Los Angeles involved in the response efforts that followed the Northridge earthquake. During the following years I went on to serve as a member of a national disaster team and worked  with regional hospitals to further prepare for future disasters.

It soon became apparent to me however that I could further expand what I had to offer these types of efforts by coupling my training and work in emergency preparedness with my skills as a photographer. In doing this I was able to document our efforts with pertinent and sensitive images for internal informational and educational purposes. In due course these were provided to Federal, State, Local, and Tribal agencies and organizations.

Among these recipients have been the White House, the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, the National Disaster Medical System, the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the Center for Asymmetric Warfare, and to various law enforcement and emergency management agencies located throughout the Pacific Northwest. Between 2013 and 2017 I also served as the photographer for both the Northwest and the National Tribal Emergency Management Councils.

Although this kind of documentary work is important to me, I also feel compelled to use my skills as a photographer to document nature and some of the interesting places that I visit.

Since 2014 my goal has been to offer my images as a place where one's thoughts and soul can wander, and espeiclly today, free of lockdown.  

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