Critical Images Photograpy Copyright 2019
Critical Images PhotograpyCopyright 2019


     I first picked up a camera in 1969 while serving as a Medevac Corpsman with the Marines in Vietnam. The pictures I took helped to distract me from the realities I faced each day. After applying what basic fundamentals and skills associated with photography that I could, I realized that I needed to capture and share the images I took of the world around me.

     While working as a Physician Assistant on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline from 1975-1977, I decided to document both the people and the activities on this historic construction project. After Alaska came projects in Sudan, the Soviet Union, Brazil, and the Pacific Northwest. It was during this period that I made the transition from film to digital photography.

     The events of 9/11 contributed a great deal to my becoming a Documentary Photographer. After spending two week in Los Angeles involved in disaster response efforts following the Northridge earthquake I felt that I could better serve the efforts by coupling my training and work in emergency preparedness with my skills as a photographer. By doing this I could provide pertinent and sensitive images that could be used for internal informational and educational purposes by Federal, State, Local, and Tribal agencies and organizations.

     Among the recipients of my works have been the White House, Department of Defense, Homeland Security, National Disaster Medical System, the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the Center for Asymmetric Warfare, and various law enforcement and emergency management agencies throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Since 2013 I have served as the photographer for  both the Northwest and the National Tribal Emergency Management Councils.

     Although Documentary work is important and essential to what I do, I have not forgotten my core values as a photographer to take time to remember to photograph images of nature, people and places that when all put together, help to make up the world we live in. That is why from time to time this website will exhibit photos from different fields of my work. Please feel free to comment on my work via my e-mail.  

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